40 years of the “Freshman Fifteen”

by | Jan 16, 2020

Ihave waged a war with my weight since my late twenties, early thirties. When I was young and a teen I remember always skipping over the articles about dieting in the teen magazines I read. I thought “Who reads those? What a waste of magazine space.” I was lucky, I weighed about 118 as a senior in high school.

I went to college and did literally gain the Freshman 15. One of my new friends introduced me to bagels and cream cheese, something I’d never had before – and at all hours of the day and night. And of course, plenty of beer.

Long story short, since then I’ve kept that Freshman 15 into the Twenties Fifteen and then graduated to the Thirties twenty-five. I was miserable, hated it. Periodically I’d lose some, but gain it back. The Usual Story.

Now I’m in my early 60’s, and I still have 20 to 25 pounds I’ve been trying to lose for like what seems to be FOREVER. Cutting calories and exercising doesn’t seem to cut it anymore and I’m not sure why. One day I was feeling pretty good about myself and was trying out some free Amazon Prime exercise videos. What. a. mistake. Even as I was doing one of them I knew I was being stupid.   I’m not kidding. I literally thought “You’re going to regret this.”  Yes, I did regret it.  I STILL DO almost a year later.  I messed up my right knee, I tore my meniscus.  So there went most of my ability to do cardio. I tried all summer trying to strengthen it by walking, light jogging, exercises and though it did get better some, it wasn’t improving enough.

I did finally see an orthopedic surgeon who basically told me what I knew.  It was going to heal, but take a very long time.  Mostly because I am old.   Ok, not the exact wording he used, but it is so true.  Your body heals slower now. Just a fact.  So as much as I hated it, I started pretty much doing nothing. And it really does seem to have made good progress the last few months and I have to think that is why.

But – the good news is, I’ve been able to lose some weight finally.   Haven’t been able to for years really.  But I think I may have found the key, I sure hope so — and in my next post I’ll tell you what it is!


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