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My name is Ruthie and live in New Hampshire. I starting keeping a diary at twelve years old, and have been blogging for just myself for a dozen years or more. I have been contemplating starting a blog and a business for a few years. The opportunity arose when I lost my job as a web designer and specialist almost two years ago. I’ve applied to a hundred jobs since then and I find it is impossible very difficult to get a job in IT or related when you are 61 and let’s face it, female. It took me too long to come to that full acceptance but I have shifted my approach and am eager to do new things.

I also am an artist. For years I did batik in my home studio while raising my son and was state juried. I also designed a line of batik Celtic design t-shirts and built my own online store and sold hundreds of shirts.  I have some on Etsy now but I don’t have a studio at this time but hope to again and incorporate that into my business and life again. I still do some art projects to make money like paint loon decoys to sell.

I keep pressing on and going forward. I keep my chin up as much as possible. — I work at being resilient. I work hard at it. I am very fortunate to have a great husband who is supportive. I also have a great son who is off in the world (but not too far away!) and is getting married this summer, in 2020. I will be sharing my journey to lose weight in a healthy way before that big day.

Here’s something kind of interesting:

I identify with the image of a tree hanging on to the side of a cliff, and let me tell you why. This is strangely enough, an image I have been drawing since a small child. I found one of these drawings a couple years ago and I was so surprised that I’d used this my whole life. The drawing was from about the age of six. I have versions of it drawn in high school and college and I wonder why I was always drawn to it.  Or…drawn to drawing it…     Do you ever wonder if there are, like, mystical reasons why some things happen? Why would I automatically draw this throughout my whole life? It’s interesting. I now feel that this was my “emblem”. And I guess it kind of makes perfect sense now. Resiliency. Toughness. Out on a limb.

I also am one of the 50 million Americans who suffer from tinnitus, a tribe I would prefer to not be affiliated with but alas, here I am. Yes, here I am — and here’s to resilience — and the future! 






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