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by | Jun 15, 2019

Sometime in 2019 — by the way I totally understand the feelings of desperation in this post because I’ve felt this way a million times before.  Believe me it is hard putting this out there because I’m typically a very private person — but, let’s get some posts in here, old or young – I mean, NEW..

The good news here is – I have (I do believe!) discovered a way of life and eating that is actually working for me (*fingers crossed, knock on wood*)  and that it continues to so I get where I want to be – in the timeline I am looking for, yikes. But hey, no better time than the present.

Hey everybody! I’d like to start this new blog with this premise: I’m 60+ years old and I need to lose 20 pounds. Ok, I don’t need to, but I really want to. Ok, I do need to lose something.. ! Health-wise, yes, I would have to agree that I am quite overweight.. I think I checked on a web site a couple weeks ago that put me at overweight (m’kay, which I KNEW lol) – but surprisingly close to obese. That kind of scared me – and heck, I KNOW that I am unhappy with my weight and on top of that?

No, this isn’t my grandmother!

I KNOW how to do it. I’VE DONE IT A MILLION TIMES. Literally.  Maybe not literally.   I’m pretty sure many of us have been in the same boat. The difference now is, and I swear there is a difference – is that it appears that – at my age – this is much harder now. Being in your 50’s and 60’s isn’t what it was when I was a kid… when I think of my paternal grandmother, to me she looked (and acted) 80… now I think back and I wonder how old she really was? I bet she was in her 50s! Today, my generation grew up way more health conscious, way more conscious of how you look, and I think because we’ve exercised to one degree or another, and “dieted” or eaten fairly healthy that we have made it to this stage of life looking not so much like the classic old grannies of yore. Okay, “yore” was a really goofy sounding word to use there – but it was kind of accurate. lol

So here’s the deal. I need to (in my mind) but – want to lose 20 pounds and 20 pounds is like nearly impossible now. I don’t think I’ve lost 20 lbs. ever! I think the most I lost was around 15 and that was a very weird time in my life that involved a LOT of walking… and not a lot of eating. And gee, go figure – that worked, right? Hmmm

First off, the reason I want to lose 20 lbs. is because my son is getting married next summer. Yes, in 2020. So you may think “omg, Ruthie, you’ve got a ton of time to lose 20 pounds!” – and you’re right – but I am still very worried about it. Why?  Because I kind of stink at this.

So I’m thinking back on every other time I lost weight successfully and what I did. Is it going to be so much different now that I’m 63? Why would it be, right? So I’m going back to the old CI/CO technique. It’s kind of hard to find support for this these days because I guess it isn’t ‘trendy’. By the way, if you’re wondering, CI/CO means “Calories In/Calories Out” – and guess what. I still believe in it. It just also depends on the calories in…. a lot. Again, I can’t have (personally) a huge bowl of fettucine alfredo (sigh) for my dinner because, 1. it’s high in fat, and 2. I can’t just stop at one bowl. I can’t stop. I need to eat healthy and light and get used to that food lifestyle again, and THEN I can get to the point where I don’t crave bad stuff. Do you know what I mean? Do you feel the same way at all?

I’d love to start a dialogue with like-minded women who are trying to lose weight. lol !! Are there any out there? Ha ha! But specifically, do you need/want to lose a lot of weight, or significant amount by a certain date, or event? Mine is well off into the distance, but I KNOW that losing 20 lbs. is going to be extremely difficult for me. If only because I’ve been ‘sort of’ trying – and I am still back where I started. And I’m SURE that is ME and not any particular diet.

My biggest issue is – I am here at home with my refrigerator, currently unemployed – and I’m not exactly the Queen of Discipline. When I was working, I could bring a super low calorie, healthy lunch and be so grateful for it when lunch time came around – lol. Now — I can eat anything I want – it’s right here. Grilled cheese, left over Chinese food, pasta… hamburgers.. anything.

Well – I’d like to talk a little about exercise, the “Calories Out” component next.. so you can read about that and let’s talk about this ladies. I need some compatriots here if possible, women who know what I’m talking about (because sometimes I don’t..) or who have been successful and what you did – or if you’re having trouble or a bad time… let’s talk!


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