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BatikShirtShop is my t-shirt design company. For a decade I worked in the corporate world and removed my online store. Now that I have more time, I am selling my shirts again and consequently have a lot of shirts left, so I’ve opened my online store again.

Looking for batik t-shirts?

If you are looking for BatikShirtShop (originally BSS.COM) you’ll find all of my t-shirt designs at my Etsy Shop– not coincidentally named BatikShirtShop!  Not only do I have my t-shirts there and available again but I have some of my batik art designs as wall art. I will soon have several hand-painted loons available for purchase again (see example below) also I also paint glassware, like champagne flutes and wine glasses (see below)  for events like a wedding or something special for your bridesmaids, mothers of the groom and bride, etc.  If you would like information about either of these items please contact me through my blog at https://lifeslongsong.com/contact.

Come and check out my original batik t-shirt designs!  These are all my own artwork, done in batik and then screen printed onto quality 100% cotton shirts with 7 – 10 colors! They are very unique and you won’t find anything like these tee shirts and sweatshirts elsewhere. I’ll be doing more designs in the future, once I sell these shirts and have room for inventory. My hope and plan is to create more batik designs for paintings, wall hangings, t-shirts and more in the near future.

Wear Art!


hand painted champagne glasses with Anemones from BatikShirtShop

Hand painted champagne glasses with Anemones

hand painted wine glasses with anemones - BatikShirtShop







Hand painted loon decoys from Batik Shirt Shop!

Hand painted loon decoys from Batik Shirt Shop!



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