Bells and Whistles of St. Tinnitus

by | Feb 22, 2020

Slight rant alert:  what a night I had last night with tinnitus.  Ever had super loud tinnitus? I lay in bed and I literally could not William Shatner Star Trek giffall asleep because of the noise in my head.  Usually it’s not that bad, but I may as well have been trying to sleep in a construction zone. And my left ear, which usually isn’t bad, was horrible. There have been times in the past where I wondered if I even had it in my left ear, well now I know I do and for some reason, the dragon is reproducing or something. So loud!

Not only that, but dear lord, the bells.  In my right ear, typically if I put my finger over my ear and close it up, I can hear bells – deep…  sometimes it’s like tooting trumpets . So I’ve got a hissing dragon that sounds like a field full of cicadas, Do I look insane?and then “The Bells of St. James” going on inside. So many brain problems!  But, as a prog rock fan, I could do worse with having Kansas stuck in my head.

Last night I had my ears in screaming stereo.  I’m a lousy sleeper in the first place like most women and when you’re so tired and can’t drift off, you then get aggravated and angry. What a great way to end the day and drift off to Slumberland!    Strangely, even my left ear had bells.  So you may ask (as my dear husband does)… what was the difference that made this happen?  No clue.  Can’t point to anything different in my day, other than I did miss my vitamins, but I’ve done that before and this didn’t happen.

I wish I could find the trigger – I’d be rich!  What are you going todo? Damned if I know.  Maybe internally I am more stressed than usual.

William Shatner Deal with itYou’d think I’d know that. LOL

I guess the fact is it may be getting worse. Just gotta deal with it.





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