Can a woman over 60 lose weight and get in shape?

by | Jan 21, 2020

Losing weight (or attempting to do so) has been a major part of my life. Unreasonably so, I now realize. Eating and what to eat has pretty much consumed my time and enjoyment of the process since I was about 19 or 20. I wrote a brief post about the Freshman Fifteen that never went away and from my recollection, I don’t ever remember worrying about my weight prior to the bagels and cream cheese discovery (thanks, Sheryl G.!) and late night subs and pizza in college. Oh, yes – and beer.  smiley drinking beer

God, I still love all those things. lol Actually, I love beer but beer hates me now. We can talk about lost loves later…

Even though I am carrying those extra pounds, I admit I am lucky to some extent that I have only had to worry about an extra 20 to 25 pounds most of my life, though in reality I could lose more than that. To tell myself 30 pounds though is like my brain having a major twitch moment – “I can’t possibly do that! I can’t even lose five!!” And honestly, in a way, only having that much to lose is frustrating because it is much harder to see any progress at all, let alone constant progress. It just doesn’t come off easy.

Anyway, I’m putting off the admission. I’ve been trying to lose weight and obsessing over food (and sometimes exercise) for 40 plus years.

And it sure hasn’t stopped.  Can I still get in great shape after 60?

pressure off of knees when you lose weightSince my son and his fiancée announced their engagement, I’ve mentally been fixated on losing weight for the occasion. Mostly because, this is how I do it: someone is getting married, and I can lose some weight for it. Pretty much in no other situation, does this work. lol So a wedding? My own baby?? I should be able to nail this! Right?? :\

I’ve known since August of 2019 when they were getting married and I should now weigh I figure – oh, 90 pounds or so. That’s if I had followed my imaginary dream weight-loss schedule. Which of course, did not happen. Not at all.

Not that I didn’t try. Sometime in March or April I was exercising to some ridiculous exercise show on Amazon Prime and wrecked my knee. Believe I tore my meniscus! Great. But I continued to walk on it around the neighborhood virtually every nice spring and summer day. I even tried light jogging. Yes, I thought I was still … well a younger version of myself and that I would be ‘strengthening’ it. I think now I delayed it’s healing – but didn’t it know?? I HAD TO LOSE WEIGHT FOR SOMETHING NEXT YEAR. Get your act together, knee!

Crazy. Anyway, long story short, by resting it this fall and winter I have made much better improvement.

fat stomach trying to fit in jeansFor some reason, the old CI/CO (calories in/calories out) thing wasn’t working for me this time. Could it be that I had less resolve? Oh heck no. HAHA – kidding. That’s sarcasm. Let’s cut to the chase, that wasn’t working now like it had in my 20’s when I looked marvelous (for a while at least). And little to no cardio because of The Knee. Oh, and lettuce not forget being vaguely depressed due to losing my job. And being around the house. With food.

Now in January 2020, I am looking at… twenty and a half weeks til the wedding. I started getting really nervous and dedicated early November I’d say. YUP, right before the holidays. I am brilliant. I am my own brand of stable genius. But – I said “to heck with it, I’m doing it, I’m doing it now. And I’m going to succeed.” I know that sounds majestic and steadfast and so determined, but the truth is I’ve had that same conversation with myself oh… maybe ten thousand and fourteen times. But this time I mean it! haha   No really!

So I changed it up. Big time. And I’ll be darned. It’s actually working I think. And it’s actually easier than trying to eat three times a day, low calorie (because how easy is that? Not at all). And I am doing pretty well right now actually. I have lost like ten pounds… woo hoo – and I’ll go into that in more detail here.

Never give upSometimes I gain a couple pounds back for seemingly no reason, and I try and reason that it’s because I’m doing strength training and maybe my muscles are weighing more than fat…  I think that’s a possibility but I don’t quite think I’m to that point yet!  I’d think it more likely that a woman of my age has to worry more about muscle loss, than gained muscle. But you never know!  We just keep going, keep trying, never give up, never give up, never give up!


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