Combining Fasting and Ketogenic Diet

by | Jan 24, 2020

As mentioned in my last post about me desiring to lose 15-20 pounds, I gave a very brief history of my attempts. There probably isn’t a blog long enough to cover that history. lol However I am super happy to be able to say I have finally lost some weight and I sure hope this continues, I feel like I finally have some kind of grasp on it and none too soon. I wanted to lose twenty pounds before my son’s wedding in June, 2020. Summer 2019 that seemed entirely possible. With 21 weeks left before the wedding now, that seems less likely but if I could lose 15, that would be great!

I’ve already lost ten since November – and that includes getting through Thanksgiving and Christmas. I decided to try Keto and so far it seems to suit me really well. I really like meat and I really like good cheese.. and of course lots of veggies. But I have found that eating more fat really keeps me satisfied from snacking in between meals. The idea behind Keto is, you don’t eat sugar (also a big help in losing weight) and your body gets to the point where it has burned all the glucose (sugar) in your body and starts to burn FAT. That is it in it’s most basic level.

The other thing I am doing is fasting. I’ve tried it before but didn’t stick with it – it definitely works though, at least in my case. I just didn’t stick with it, I guess.

I started fasting around December 1 of 2019 and again was off and on doing it with Keto. After the first of the year I got much more consistent and as of a couple days ago, I had lost ten pounds. Some of my pants are fitting a little better and I am very inspired to keep going.

I need to find a Mother of the Groom dress in the next couple months, and I’d like to be a little smaller than I am now – a solid 8 would be good. A 6 would be better, however. J   A 6 would be miraculous actually. But let’s focus on getting to at least an 8 if possible..

I also need to fit in a Rehearsal Dinner dress the night before the wedding. The wedding is in Montreal and my husband and I have reserved a rooftop terrace at the Hotel Monville for the rehearsal dinner. I had seen a dress I liked online but didn’t get it because for one thing, it’s sleeveless and I don’t have confidence that my arms can look good in a sleeveless dress. But then I thought, well – I could at least try.   Right? Of course by then the dress was sold out and I couldn’t find it anywhere anyway.

Some weeks or maybe even a couple months later I looked one more time for the heck of it and found the dress. I found it, it was on sale even – and I bought it. So my plan is to wear that dress, arms be damned. We shall see. I did kind of feel like this dress re-appearing and being available again was… sort of a sign? And it was so affordable at this point, yes, I felt like I should get it. So I did.

Like I said, we shall see! I have joined a local gym with the express intent of making my arms look better. Hopefully a 60+ lady can get her arms defined a little closer to what I had as a younger lady.

I guess it’s up to me. I know I am going to work hard to accomplish what I want. I feel like if I stick with fasting and Keto and working at the gym, I will get there.


  1. Connie

    Great post! I’m trying to lose weight before my son’s wedding in September. I haven’t started looking for Mother of the Groom dresses yet… yikes! Thanks for sharing.

    • RLK

      Thanks so much for your comment, Connie – good luck, we’re in the same boat! I have 3 dresses to try on for my husband tomorrow – talk about yikes!


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