Jail Break! Part I

by | Apr 5, 2020

Man, little did I realize on our last trip to Portsmouth that that would be the last time for who knows how long til we can drive somewhere, see the ocean, walk a beach and get some wonderful fresh oysters, fried clams or scallops.  Usually this time of the year we’re starting to plan a trip to the seacoast and getting some fried food at Brown’s or heading to the Cape and the National Seashore. I fear our yearly treks are in danger this year.

I would really like to go support Brown’s. Not only did they have a massive fire last year, but just a few days ago they were flooded. Not just flooded but flooded with ocean.  And they have like the best fried clams and fried everything there.  I’m starting to have withdrawals.

Resilient Ruthie on a hike

Anyway, a short time back on March 27th – it was a Jail Break!  My husband called our last day hike that and I thought it was funny.  I mean, the whole “Stay at Home” order stuff was just happening and one felt like we weren’t allowed to be outside.

However, we went out and hiked Meredith Community Forest, a large local wooded area that I’m glad is nearby, as I truly don’t get enough nature these days. Where we lived before here, I had almost 14 acres of woods, fields and a brook that ran through it. I lived more in nature than in my house I think. I do miss that and I do miss the privacy.  But I like it here too and what are you going to do, you move on and there’s always going to be something you miss. It does seem a tad ironic now that one of the reasons we moved from there to here is to have more access to restaurants and bars and fun places…  and all of those are closed right now.   Who would have thought.  Ah well, this too shall pass and we will have all of this behind us.

So back to Jail Break! I guess this is just about some photos of the woods on our Jail Break — the beauty and serenity of nature, particularly as a method of dealing with stress. Stress in any situation let alone what’s going on now worldwide.  As we started our walk I did notice that my husband didn’t seem to have a map of the trails… so all I’ll say is our hike turned into about four or five miles. lol But NH Social distancing sign on trailit was great. As we got back to the parking lot, we went over to the big trail map to see everywhere we had gone. I noticed a state truck pulling into the parking lot (we were the only ones there, by the way – the whole day) and then we walked back to my car and I plopped into the passenger seat to take a breath and drink some water. He waited til we were in the car before he came out and posted this on the trail map kiosk/sign.

I got out and took a photo.  Oh the times they are a’changin’, indeed.  Feels like shit’s gettin’ real. I mean, I don’t mind really, unless they tell us we can’t hike in the woods anymore. It just seems like a no-brainer to me. People are out in the woods because they want to be socially distanced from everyone else anyway.  Did my state have to spend money (my money) on signs for every hiking spot in the state?

Yes, I guess so, because this seems to be the age of Obvious Signs.  Like this one I got a kick out of on this hike: “Beaver Dam”.  No kidding, really?  Is that a beaver dam? I never would have known. It just feels like a dumbing down – aka, why are people who can’t recognize a beaver dam without a sign out in the woods in the first place?

Beaver dam and sign

Of course people don’t always pay attention to what’s going on these days, and that’s quite apparent (she said in her very politically correct persona). Perhaps the Beaver Dam sign is just educational, maybe they like to bring bunches of kids out here…? But still. When I was a kid there were no signs.   My parents had like sixty acres and I spent my life in the woods, but that’s another story. Several stories, actually.

Anyway, I still recommend people get outside! Get out and see what a beaver dam looks like if you don’t know. Go out and look at mountains, at swamps and wooded lanes –  breathe some fresh air! I’d say even go out in the rain and chilliness and walk but that wouldn’t be fair because I haven’t been willing to do it myself lately. But I think YOU should.   I also think I should. To be honest, I’m so trying to not catch a cold these days because then I know I’m going to imagine it’s COVID-19 or something and that I will make myself more susceptible to it. Which is possible, but who likes being sick under any circumstances? Not I!

But hey, most of all, we need to work hard at being tough and strong and resilient because I sure do. Some days it’s extremely hard work. The idea is to KEEP TRYING. Staying resilient is going to get harder I suspect before it gets easier. We can do this.

moss covered stump with birch bark sign to write a note!
Fairy message! Ok, I saw this while walking and went into harken back mode and thought of when I was a kid and we used to write notes and letters on birch bark. So I did a little Photoshop (no, there weren’t any fairies or leprechauns out there with crayons after all) and yes, please comment below and send me a note if you are so inclined! I crave social interactivity – at least online.

hummocks Hubby and hummocks. I shouldn’t say this because it’s dumb but when I was about 7 or 8 years old I thought hummocks looked like Beatle haircuts. Ok, honestly everything was Beatles at that time to young girls. Sadder than that – when I see hummocks now, I still think of the Beatles, so go figure.

bridge over stream in woods
Just one of many little man-made bridges on our walk. Well, hello – how many bridges aren’t man-made when you think of it? Not many.

husband sitting on a log by marsh
And finally, my handsome dh sitting by a marsh waiting for me to come over and take a little drink break.

I love hiking, even short hikes that sometimes inadvertently turn into longer ones. And I just love getting out in Nature! It’s a necessity!




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