KICK IT UP WEEK: A Plan To Keto Perfectly

by | Feb 16, 2020

I am like the Worst Keto-er ever!  I’ve been doing this for weeks and weeks now (off and on) – and I lost eight pounds that really needed to be lost fairly quickly – but now I’m at the “lose some pounds, gain four back, lose two again.. ”  with a sum total result of two pounds gained…  come on!

Worst Keto-er Ever.

So this week, I have determined that I am going to be Miss Perfect Keto-er.  I’m going to write out A Plan and I am going to follow it. Mind you, I haven’t made out said plan yet – but dang it – I AM GOING TO!  And since I’m making out my plan today, my plan is to have a plan with foods I already have in house as much as possible.  That’s the plan. Yes, a lot of plans there.

Yesterday a dress arrived that is in contention for being my Mother of the Groom dress, and I tried it on – and it’s ok.  Not bad. Kind of boring but it didn’t look awful.  It’s navy blue with lacy 3/4 sleeves and bodice. And it’s a size 10.  I had really hoped and planned on being a size 8 by now, but … this is why I’m Kicking In With The Keto and Fasting.  I mean, it’s NOW OR NEVER.  Really. I only have 17 weeks left before the wedding, so..  yikes.

Okay, so I took some time to think about what I could do for food to be a Super Keto-er  and not a bad Keto-er. 

The Plan:

First of all, I’m going to incorporate Fasting in this, so I really only need to worry about two meals a day.  I want to be done with eating every day by 6:00 pm and then not eat til noon the next day, which will be 18 hours.

My idea (ok, my plan   – again -) is to eat under 20 grams carbohydrates, so at most

  • 10% of my calories from carbs… then
  • 60% of my calories from fats and
  • 30% of my calories from protein.

I also need to ramp up my exercise schedule.  I still have a bum knee but I’ve decided that ‘Darlin’, I cain’t wait for you no longer… ”  and we’re MOVING ON..  and..  just moving period!

Now to think about what to eat – I’m thinking


  • Lunch: tuna salad on lettuce leaves
  • Dinner:  Baked Boneless Chicken with spinach..  that will be a good light meal to kick off the week on. That will be dinner. I’ll have to make my dh (dear husband) some rice or potato probably.  If I make enough baked chicken, I can make a delish chicken salad for lunch for Tuesday.



  • Lunch: I think by now I’ll be chomping at the bit for yogurt… for some reason I’ve been craving it. I’ve checked some of the ones I have and for 1/3 of a container, it’s about 6.5 carbs.  I’ll add some pumpkin seeds and raw almonds but not too many. I know I should count all the carbs and sugar but..  I don’t know, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.  (See? Bad Keto-er!)  It’s the sugar in the yogurt that bugs me. I’m cutting out all sugar otherwise, so maybe a little bit won’t hurt.  We’ll see at the end of the week!  I’ll probably also have a slice of roast beef with swiss cheese rolled up.
  • Dinner:  I think I’ll make an Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe, I’ve looked at a few and they look good but I think I’ll start with my traditional Egg Roll recipes I’ve used for many years and just leave out the egg roll wrapper…  we’ll see.  Mr. K may want the wrappers, but then again, he may not.  He makes things easy for the most part.


  • Lunch:  I think I’ll make some kind of bone broth this week, and have that for lunch – with veggies.
  • Dinner: I think I’ll mix it up a bit with some shrimp.  This is a nice recipe – Tuscan Butter Shrimp from also. There’s another similar recipe I make that uses zoodles as a great pasta substitute and goes well with the shrimp.  I don’t have any zucchini right now and if I can go this deep into the week without having to go to the store for ingredients, then that’s a win for me.


  • I’ll probably have some tuna lettuce wraps again or chicken salad wraps. I usually keep it real simple for lunch with leftovers and/or some yogurt, seeds and nuts.
  • Dinner:  This I’m not sure of – my son and his fiancee may come up next weekend so….  I’ll leave this open for now, but usually one night my dh and I go out for chicken wings at our local tavern.  The issue there is – alcohol. But if I am A Very, Very Good Girl all week, I can maybe indulge in some wine.  I’d say a vodka and tonic but tonic water is really high in carbs – 32g per 12 oz.! And a bar isn’t going to have diet tonic water or sparking water I don’t think so..   anyway. Forewarned is forearmed.

Wish me luck this week!  If you are Kicking It Up this week, diet-wise let me know with a comment or let’s talk on Facebook or Twitter, below!  Even though I am a “Not Perfect Keto-er”, I bet I am more like most Keto-ers than the perfect ones.

Have a great week!  I plan to.





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