Social Distancing in Nature!

by | Mar 19, 2020

I know that we have all had our lives shaken up within the last week in particular due to the Coronavirus or COVID-19. My husband and I have been following this for several weeks and still feel somewhat unprepared. It is just us at our house and though I’d love to visit my son and his fiancée, that probably isn’t going to happen for a while. As far as I know, they are trying to social distance themselves as much as is possible living in the city..  at least their companies have them working from home and not traveling all over the country right now. Small blessings. Actually, big ones.

My husband still has to work but is taking more days off. Being a self-employed electrician he has to work to get The Money.  I don’t think there are any bailouts planned for him, but things change daily, don’t they?  Thankfully most of his customers are away so he can work in an empty house, but he did come home early the other day because some painters and carpenters were coughing a lot. Every day seems like there is A New Decision To Be Made.

We need to be creative – and smart. I can see how depressing and discouraging it may become for many people, I would like to encourage those people to get outside!  Go for walks, go for short hikes if you’re not used to it. BREATHE the fresh air.I work at home already, so no big adjustment for me, other than trying to get food and supplies in. I went to the supermarket last week (had to buy shrimp for our traditional fried shrimp for St. Patrick’s Day ) and tried to double up on things like milk, eggs, bread – the freezer is full, but paper towels will be a problem sometime in the near future. My bad!  At that time I tried to do enough shopping so I wouldn’t have to go for two weeks… now I’m wondering if I planned ahead well enough. I suspect many of us are in the same boat.

Oh well, it is what it is – and that has to be my attitude right now, because I have no plans on going back this week.

Frost heaves - wicked nasty signSo yesterday my husband and I were home together and it really was a beautiful day here in New Hampshire for March and we decided to get out of the house. He took me for a great drive through some of our old favorite areas with gorgeous views of the mountains and lakes. I feel like if I can see the mountains, that my spirit is renewed, it’s always been that way. This sign I saw along the way gave me a giggle – wicked love it!

We went to a place called the Pot Holes in Sandwich and sat on sunny rocks in the middle of Cold River – the water roaring around us, and felt so happy and rejuvenated.  The air!  The air was so fresh and clean, we sucked up huge breaths of it.  The continuous roaring of the river over the rocks – I said to KK (my husband) that I should play that on a loop when I go to bed, it would be great to override my tinnitus. I love going for drives around this beautiful state!

This is what we used to do when we were young, we’d drive around looking Man standing by waterfallsat homes and fields and barns – mountains and water.  And we’d dream about being able to get a home someday and growing our own vegetables, having animals and living the “simple” life.

Well, we did all of those things –  minus some of the animals I wanted.  I wanted sheep at one time, and would have loved a llama and donkeys  – never got those but we had dogs, cats, chickens and for one glorious summer (please read sarcasm here) – pigs. That wasn’t my idea by the way.    My husband, son and father-in-law did maple sugaring and beer making…  I put up gallons and gallons of tomatoes and salsa and pickles… and it was great!  That was the “simple life”!  And though in some ways it was simple, as we grew older it was certainly less so, especially when you live in a 200+ year old farmhouse.  So many things to do!

But the great thing about living there was you were always outside doing something.  There were woods trails to hike and a brook running through the back yard and big open fields.  We had a huge garden which got a little smaller over the years.  I miss all of that about that home, because I love being outside in nature. It restores me and fills me.

I still have a garden (way too small) and when we need to get in nature we go hiking. We go to several local spots and we go up north to some more challenging hikes. We had to skip a lot of the challenging stuff last year as I managed to tear my lateral meniscus and now, being old apparently, it’s taking a loooong time to heal.  Right now it’s almost exactly a year, and it’s much better and I N.H. Durgin covered bridgefully expect to get back up some mountains this year.

On our way home we ordered a take out pizza at a local restaurant though I’d talked about making pizza when we got home. Paid online and never touched anyone. We wanted to help in some tiny way.  We didn’t need to run into anybody on our nature drive and getting out in the air, so it worked just fine for social distancing and it truly rejuvenated us some, which is so important. We need to be creative – and smart. I can see how depressing and discouraging it may become for many people, I would like to encourage those people to get outside!  Go for walks, go for short hikes if you’re not used to it. Whatever you can do. BREATHE the fresh air.  That’s what we did sitting in the middle of the Cold River yesterday, took deep breaths in and out.  Breathe in til you can taste it!  It was so wonderful. If you live in a city, then go to a park, and just keep “the distance” from people you don’t know.  Please don’t get stuck indoors all the time if you can help it. It’s not healthy!

Get out and visit your Mother.  Mother Nature that is.  She is out there and waiting for you – and she will take care of you, your heart and your soul.

Whiteface and Passaconaway mountains in New Hampshire

Whiteface and Passaconaway



  1. Karen

    As I live in Chicago, the mayor was very salty at today’s public briefing because there were many folks that ignored the social distancing as they enjoyed themselves along the lakefront and in the parks(running/jogging, bicycling, playing soccer, basketball, etc.). Well, this is what many will do when the weather is nice with decent temperatures. I’ve only gone out as it was necessary, and will continue to use my wisdom throughout this crisis. You’re fortunate to have some tranquil spots to go to.

    • RLK

      I really am, Karen – wait til it really warms up, I fear the people, including ourselves, may be too tempted to just stick around the house! Thanks for your comment.


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