What Vitamins Help With Tinnitus?

by | Mar 16, 2020

If you’ve got tinnitus no doubt there was a period in the beginning where you ravenously researched for anything you could do to get rid of it. Once you came to the realization that you probably weren’t going to just ‘get rid of it’, you continued to research how to at least reduce the intensity.  I know I did. One thing I did was start researching on vitamins or foods that help or don’t help with this condition.

One of the first places I went to was a tinnitus forum to get information. Believe me, it is great to have a sort of clearinghouse of information, but of course a large part of these types of forums is individuals with their own issues with tinnitus, their solutions, attempts at solutions, opinions etc. There is a lot of good information, and it kind of helps to know you’re not alone but I found I always left there discouraged.  People are upset – very upset, and rightly so. This malady happens to them out of the blue and they go on forums to figure out — “what is happening?? What can I do?  Help!

It turns out that even though you are hungry for help and info, it’s upsetting to mean bad dragonread other people’s fear and grief. It exacerbates your own situation, even after you’ve become used to it and acclimated to some extent. My tinnitus is always through the roof when I am going through the tinnitus forum.  It’s like The Dragon is pleased that you’re paying attention to him — very pleased indeed and he is going to remind you of who’s in charge for the next who knows how many hours.

What vitamins can I take for tinnitus?

I totally understand one’s need for information from people who understand and are experiencing the same thing you are, particularly when others don’t understand what you’re going through. You look fine. You don’t have a black eye, bloody cuts, skin conditions or a limp…  nothing. You look fine but you cannot experience what becomes that most desired of things: silence.  Ever.  All you want is silence but you can’t have it.  Every moment of every day you have constant hissing, ringing or buzzing. Some days it just makes life seem quite diminished. Other days it makes you downright frightened and depressed.

But I have read a good deal about possible vitamin therapies, and a lot of that information I have received from that forum and elsewhere on the internet. Then I went and experimented on myself. I truly feel that I have finally hit upon a regimen that works for me.  I do not guarantee that this will work for you or anyone else, nor would I even try [see disclaimer].  Obviously you should read up on any other interactions supplements may have before you ever take them, but if I can give someone suffering with tinnitus a short cut to trying out some vitamins, and seeing if they feel they help them, then that would make me really happy.  I know how important it is.

ultra woman vitaminsSo to cut to the chase,  I take a daily multivitamin specifically for women age 50 and over. I have two I’ve used,  one is Puritans Pride Ultra Woman 50 Plus and they are really good, they don’t upset my stomach at all, and sometimes multivitamins can.  The bottle suggests two a day, but usually I take one. It includes the B-complex vitamins, which are important. Apparently a B12 deficiency is a potential cause of tinnitus and supplementation can work well.

I take Evening Primrose Oil capsules, the recommended dosage on the bottle was 1 to 6 a day and I took six when I started really taking vitamins. Now I take 3-4 a day. Apparently the supplement has the fatty acid gamma-Evening Primrose Oil gel vitaminslinolenic acid (GLA) and some think that helping blood flow may help with tinnitus. Gingko Biloba is often mentioned as a potential supplement to help with tinnitus but it’s results are varied according to the people I’ve seen who report on their experience with it. I tried Gingko Biloba myself and stopped taking it, I felt it may have even spiked my tinnitus and that isn’t what I’m looking for.

I also take Zinc, but I take this specific form – PepZin GI® Zinc L-Carnosine Complex.  I tried zinc picolinate as per suggestions on the web but again it seemed to make things louder for me.  Could have been the timing, but that is all a tinnitus sufferer has, is trying to create the ’cause and effect’ scenario and when your tinnitus spikes for hours after taking something new, you tend to say “nope”.  Nope, that didn’t work. Again, it could be just bad timing but you aren’t going to keep experimenting in that direction much with those results. You’re going to move on to something else that hopefully, at the very least, doesn’t cause it to be worse.

Now here’s my most recent addition to my own vitamin strategy and I personally feel like this has made a significant difference. It’s Berberine. BerberineI take one or two 500 mg capsules daily and I truly feel like it has helped.

Just remember that taking vitamins and having them “work well” doesn’t necessarily mean that your tinnitus is going to go away, but it may go away for a little bit of time. Those times are always a little miracle to me and a real blessing. It makes me so happy, temporarily. So amazed. And I always wonder why — why why why is it good right now?  What did I do, what did I take, what did I eat, what atmospheric conditions caused this all too brief little oasis of near silence?  I never know. But I’m always so grateful for it. Getting to more of those near-silent episodes is what most tinnitus sufferers consider success. It’s not a cure, probably never will be – but it feels like success. And there is really not a price you can put on that.

I like Puritans Pride because they have a good reputation for quality, and usually they have good deals on buying multiple bottles which is very helpful to me – I like to get more for my money and Puritans Pride really delivers that to me.

I have sometimes wondered if I have poor circulation in my ears or a permanent respiratory situation which may exacerbate it. I know that some of the supplements I find useful do help with blood flow and circulation, so perhaps that is why they help, if temporarily. I continually hope for the day to come where all of my vitamin taking or lifestyle changes accumulate to the point where my tinnitus goes away completely. but until that day arrives, I have to do what I can to keep my sanity!

Disclaimer:  This is my own regimen of taking vitamins that I have decided work for me personally after experimenting for two years now. I’ve done my own research and my own investigation of vitamins and supplements, and even changes in diet to see what I feel has helped me. It’s pretty much by trial and error, and what works for me may not work for you. I highly recommend you do your own research and try things for yourself. I am not a doctor. These vitamins and supplements are just what I take, I make no recommendations for others and you purchase and use supplements at your own risk.





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