Winter House Batik Print

by | Feb 25, 2020

Hi everybody — I recently put some prints of some of my batik paintings in my Etsy shop: BatikShirtShop and this one is called Winter House. I made this batik some years ago and I’ve always loved it.  Now I have had it reproduced on canvas and wrapped around a 3/4″ depth wooden frame. This 16″ x 20″ batik painting print is now available in my shop!

Ruthellen Kellogg Winter House Batik print

What is Batik?

Batik is a process of using melted wax and dyes.  In it’s most basic form, you would start with say, a white piece of fabric or rice paper and the areas of your design you wanted to stay white, you would cover with melted wax. Depending on the colors in your design, you next would dye the lightest color, say, yellow.  After it dries, you cover your yellow areas with wax. It’s a process of dyeing from the lightest to darkest colors and covering the appropriate areas with wax.  Your final dye is the darkest, and by this point most of your piece is covered with wax.  You then crunch the fabric in your hands to crack the wax. That’s the “crackle” of batik. Then you dye it the darkest color. Finally, you remove all the wax and see what you’ve got in the end!  Believe me, it is always a surprise!

The first time I saw batik I fell in love and knew I had to learn how to do it.  Back then, there were no classes, no internet. I found one book in the library and taught myself how to do it. It wasn’t til some years later when I was home raising my son that I was able to get back into it and really develop my techniques.

I stopped doing batik for years while working, but I will be doing it again in the future and I can’t wait.




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