You’ve gotta start somewhere!

by | Jan 15, 2020

Yes, you do, so — I’m Ruthie and I’m a 60-somethin’ formerly employed designer and web specialist. I’ve been out of full-time work for over a year and a half, I do contract web work, and I am – on some level – an artist. I formerly did batik and I hope to get back to doing that. I currently don’t have a studio as we moved oh… 5 years ago. But I hope to again. I currently do projects like paint loon decoys Hand Painted Loon Decoys and painted champagne glasses for my son’s wedding this summer!

So I expect this blog will be about several things – one of them losing weight and looking good (as possible! ) — I have about 20 pounds to lose and I’m over 60, and I’ve been pretty much a laggard in fitness. Hey, the holidays — sort of impossible for me to do the ‘health-thing’. Excuses, excuses, right!?

I also expect to write about being older and an older woman at that – and just trying to keep going when you can’t seem to get hired anywhere —

that’s the resilient part.

But I think it will be a POSITIVE spot to expound a bit and if I can help anyone along the way, it’ll be awesome. I write anyway, pretty much every day – for myself. Now I want to write ‘out there where you are’ — and yes, it’s terrifying, but here we go!


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